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We have built homes and home additions

with a variety of building envelopes. Innovative, air-tight, energy efficient foundations, walls, and roof systems, are nothing new to us. We have built with double studs, SIPs panels and nail base wraps, all in an effort to eliminate thermal bridging and create a tighter, more efficient building envelope. We are well versed in both the City of Boulder and Boulder County energy codes and our projects often exceed these requirements by large margins.

There is a fair amount of waste in the remodeling process. We see deconstruction, salvage and recycling as being baseline requirements to any project. Fortunately, here in Boulder, we can easily divert waste to places like Western, Resource and EcoCycle Charm.

There are more green building products on the market now then ever before. Building science and tighter envelopes have also been developed and advanced. With years of green building experience, we can help you navigate the marketplace and find energy efficiency solutions that can be adapted to your home and your budget.